Kedungreja Cilacap Sector Police Distribute Free Masks

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cilacap info featured English – Caring for community in midst of Coronavirus Pandemic situation, Kedungreja Sector Police Cilacap Regional Police distributed free masks.

The mask distribution event to community was held on Saturday (05/02/2020) yesterday in Kedungreja sub-district area.

Cilacap Police Chief AKBP Dery Agung Wijaya through Kedungreja Police Chief explained. That mask is from donations from people who care about health in midst of outbreak of Covid-19 Virus.

The target of distribution of masks, namely community who are active outside home because of demands of work even in midst of a corona outbreak.

“The distribution of these masks was given to traders, pedicab drivers, farmers.” Said Kedungreja Police Chief Iptu Suwarna.

In addition to providing free mask assistance, officers from Kedungreja police station Cilacap Regional Police also conveyed appeal of Kamtibmas.

“To everyone who is given a mask, we urge to always wear a mask when leaving house. And also to convey message to get used to washing hands before and after move. As well as always keeping a distance with pelanggang and passengers for safety from spread of Covid 19. virus.” Add Kedungreja police chief who previously served at Bantarsari police station.

He also said that distribution of masks to community was a form of concern for Kedungreja Sector Police. Namely in face of spread of virus as well as providing an appeal to carry out an official appeal from government in an effort to break chain of spread Covid manta 19. (*)

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